Welcome to my website. It's just the basics --- some pictures, resume, a bio, reels of some of my work--- and I hope you'll check out the links as they have recently been updated with some fun work. I usually update news in my Bio although lately I've Updated in the news section. I recently found out I won a "BEST ACTOR" Award for my work in the lead role in the feature "Hubristic" at the NY Intl. Film Fest. splitting the honor with Steven Bauer who won in the NY Screenings-- while I won in the LA Screenings. Our film also won "BEST COMEDY FEATURE" and the "Audience Award". And there is some especially good news regarding a high-end movie I'm helping produce in which I will play one of the leads in the Bio. I hope you'll enjoy looking around, and that you'll leave a message to say hello. Life is Good!

Note*-- There is a problem with a bug due to the website host where my reels and clips are incorrectly labled and some missing. Please check out the links which also contain a youtube channel for more accurate viewing:) And if you are viewing this from an iphone, you might want to take a look from a computer as the host app limits the view of the website content via cell phones. Thanks!

You can also contact me at Colemanmc444@gmail.com

All the very Best to you and God Bless you!


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