1.) Coleman's Film "Herstory"
"Herstory" is a Mockumentary Feature Film from a woman's point of view, exploring relationships and men from a position of humor and truth. The film is written and directed by Award-Winning Krista Eulberg and produced by Rayna Saslove.
This is a scene from the Mockumentary Feature, "Herstory" directed and written by Award-Winning Filmmaker Krista Eulberg. The film stars Lesly Fera of "Pretty Little Liars" among others and is a personal favorite of Coleman's. He plays Jim, an old high school boyfriend, who has yet to grow up --- and this scene pretty much tells the story. "Herstory" has been featured in many Film Festivals through out the country and was a Finalist in the Backlot Film Festival in Los Angeles.

2.) Coleman's Film "Hot Java"
"Hot Java" is a film directed by Adam Stein. Adam was a top 3 finalist amongst thousands of international filmmakers on Steven Spielberg's "On The Lot" .
This is a scene from a short film skillfully directed by Adam Stein that went on to win several Film Festivals. It was always an audience favorite and stars Kurt David Anderson, Coleman and Gina Devettori. Coleman's work as Jake in "Hot Java" has been very well received by audiences throughout the nation wherever the film has played.

3.) Coleman's film "Hubristic"
"Hubristic" is a social and political satire that is an award-winning feature film. The movie holds a light to corporate greed and the flawed human condition of hypocricy ----through the vehicle of comedy.
"Hubristic" is a feature Mockumentary produced by 3-time Emmy Nominated and award-winning Producer Joe Gressis. It is written by award-winning writer Daniel Dominguez and scored by BAFTA nominated and award-winning composer Austin Wintory. Coleman played the lead, Tristan Stanfield as well as helped Produce the film. The film recently won "Best Comedy" and the Audience Award at the New York Intl. Film Festival,LA Screenings (2012) where Coleman won a "Best Actor" Award. "Hubristic" also won an award at the SkyFest Intl Film and Script Festival in 2011. Coleman and Daniel Dominguez went on to collaborate on a script together that has won two awards --- and recently worked on a second script to be produced by Academy Award Nominated and Sundance winning Producer Mark G. Mathis, with Coleman playing one of the leads. This is an 8 minute highlights reel of a few moments from the film.

4.) Coleman's work in Live Theatre
The Los Angeles Passion Play
Taking a turn from comedy Coleman played Jesus in the Large Scale Los Angeles Passion Play. During Coleman's 5-season return to the lead role the Production was seen by close to 100,000 people among many Entertainment Industry Professionals. It featured original music performed by many Los Angeles recording artists and was often compared to a Broadway Caliber Production. Among Industry professionals who saw the show, CSA casting director Linda Phillips-Palo (Sophia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides" and "The Rainmaker" starring Matt Damon) saw Coleman perform twice and is quoted "Coleman is a wonderful actor, a darn good Jesus".

5.) Coleman's Jack in the Box Commercial seen during Super Bowl XLII
Super Bowl Commercial
Coleman's Jack in the Box Commercial was featured in the historic Super Bowl XLII receiving critical acclaim and big laughs --- and was also seen during the Grammy's and the Oscar's. See it here.

Coleman's Recent High-End Auditions
Audition Link #1
In Coleman's own words:"I love auditions. Mainly because an audition can change your life and actors live and die by them. I also love to see the creativity of the project in it's most raw form because I can envision where it is going to go. This is an audition link of mine for the lead in a major network pilot. Because the show hasn't come out yet I'm not able to name the program or the station. It was a lot of fun and I received great feedback for the audition. A star name got the role, but I'll look forward to when it is my turn."

Audition Link #2
"This was an exciting opportunity for a film Produced by an A-List Star. I needed to be older, so I went out to Death Valley and abused my skin :) then shot it with no lighting or make-up. They all loved the audition but an offer went out for an older actor. It was a romantic scene of a woman seeking out an affair -- she finds love, but then he dies. They ended up cutting the scene out of the movie, and the film starred James Franco."

Audition Link #3
"This one goes in another direction. It was for a guest star for popular series that has been on the air for around 12 years. The character was described as 'An alligator boot walking, southern charming, smokes smuggling, money laundering, racketeering, calm under pressure, more businessman than thugging, import/export smooth operator.' This was a fun one to audition for and I include it because it is a different type character. I had to send this link to NY and once again I'm not allowed to give away the show."

Coleman's YouTube Channel
This is a channel on YouTube with a more extended look at some of Coleman's films. It also includes various demo-reels with new and extended work.

IMDB Coleman McClary
Pictures and information. More coming soon.

IMDB pro Coleman McClary
Pictures, Info, Work in Development, Additional Credits, Awards, Representation, (need subscription to view)

Morning Talk Show
Good Day Sacramento
In Coleman's words, "This is kind of campy and fun, but when my Super Bowl Commercial aired, my cousin Marianne McClary, who is the Head Anchor of the top-rated morning show Good Day Sacramento, asked me to appear on her show for an on-air reunion. We hadn't seen each other for awhile so it was fun. I hadn't had a lot of experience in this kind of thing so at times I may have seemed a bit nervous, but I thought I would share it here".

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